Furnace Repair Services Rochester, MN!

Is your furnace ready to give up? Are you noticing cracks in the furnace, or are there carbon monoxide leaks at your home? If so, then it is time for a furnace repair service.

Hawk’s Services provides expert furnace repair services in Rochester, MN at an affordable price. Our teams of technicians have many years of experience and can help with all your furnace-related needs. We provide the following services for all makes and models of furnaces:

  • Diagnose problems with existing units
  • Furnace installation
  • Tune-ups that help ensure you can save energy costs

Many issues could ruin a perfectly good furnace. Some of the top furnace problems that our technicians can help diagnose include:

  • Frequent breakdowns: Repair services can help you avoid frequent repairs, so your furnace is ready to go when you need it.
  • Unusual noise: If there is an unusual noise coming from your furnace, it’s best to call in the experts right away.
  • Carbon monoxide leaks: It’s important to have your furnace inspected regularly for carbon monoxide leaks, which could lead to serious health problems.
  • Air filter issues: Dirty air filters are a problem because they reduce airflow and cause your unit to work harder than it should to keep you warm.
  • Ignition problems: Being able to light your pilot flame is a sign of good health for your furnace. If this stops working, then don’t wait! Call in the pros right away.
  • Dirty flame sensor: This could prevent the unit from turning on altogether or might cause it to be inefficient.

For any of these or other concerns, call Hawk’s Services at 507-226-9950 for furnace repair service in Rochester, MN that you can trust.

One of the benefits of choosing Hawk’s Services for furnace repair services in Rochester, MN is that we can help you with all makes and models. We also provide free quotes that let you know upfront what to expect to pay for our services. Call us at 507-226-9950 for more information.